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Decision Support System for Flood Risks Alert in Strymon/Struma River Basin

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Phone: 944 50 27
E-mail: office@club2000.org

The project is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013; its implementation period is 03/2011 – 12/2015.


The overall objective of the project is the development of supportive infrastructures and tools that will implement water and sediment quality monitoring of the Strymon/Struma river basin and will facilitate the competent water and civil protection authorities of Greece and Bulgaria in implementing WFD, Floods, and spatial planning Directives.


The core outputs of the project are:


  • Common technical specifications of the monitoring network and e-tools;
  • A fully functional telemetric network in both the Greek and Bulgarian part;
  • Common telemetric data processing and harmonization methodologies;
  • Expert system for predicting flood and erosion situations on a real time basis in both the Greek and Bulgarian part;
  • e-tools and infrastructure to support competent authorities in water and sediment quantity monitoring and management (database, webIMS, expert system, decision rooms) in both the Greek and Bulgarian part.


The project partners of Club “Economika 2000” are the Balkan Environment Center, Greece and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia Thrace, Greece.