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Automated Telemetric Applications for Operational Monitoring in Nestos River Basin

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The project is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013; its implementation period is 03/2011 – 06/2013.


The overall objective of this strategic project is to develop an operational supportive mechanism for the Competent Authorities of water management in Bulgaria and Greece in order to facilitate the planning and implementation of sustainable water management along with civil protection.


The project's main output is the establishment of an operational and sustainable telemetric monitoring mechanism for both water directorates of the river basin, consisting of:


  • Networks of compatible and inter-calibrated sensors able to transmit reliable and compatible water quality data in order to support operational monitoring of different water bodies in the two countries;
  • A set of common software tools and expert systems related to water quality data processing and pollution early warning;
  • Supportive structures (cross-border supportive infrastructures) for ensuring the functioning of the networks.


The project partners of Club “Economika 2000” are the Balkan Environment Center, Greece and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia Thrace, Greece.