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Further Development of Administrative Capacity in Implementation of the Environmental Acquis at Local Level (EUROPEAID/123444/D/SER/BG)

The project aims to ensure ex-post support provision to the development of the established administrative structures at local level, which need to effectively implement the requirements set forth by the new environmental legislation. The main priority of the project is capacity building at the local level with the aim developing skills in the field of the elaboration of environmental projects, to be implemented with financing from European Programs.

Period of implementation: 30.11.2007 – 30.05.2009

Contracting authority: Ministry of Environment and Waters 

The specific project goals are as follows:

  • Further strengthening of the administrative capacity of the municipalities with the aim of ensuring effective and efficient management, whilst focusing on the elaboration and implementation of projects;
  • Further strengthening and improvement of the institutional capacity of BAMEE and building a partnership between BAMEE and the respective European organizations in the field of environmental protection;
  • Further strengthening and improvement of the existing system for training of environmental experts and experts in water resource management, including strengthening and ensuring the sustainability of the established Center for information provision, consultation and specialized environmental training;
  • Further improvement of the information system, including support provision for the purposes of information and data exchange, with the aim of ensuring its optimal use;
  • Contributing to the successful implementation of OP “Environment 2007-2013”, other applicable Operational Programs and the National Rural Development Plan.