Клуб Икономика 2000
Transforming Ideas into Actions, Actions into Success


Club “Economika 2000” provides training in the following fields:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project preparation and management
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational and management skills
  • Municipal budget management (including preparation and management of delegated budgets)
  • Public procurement and contracting
  • State (municipal) property management
  • Citizens’ participation and partnership in local self-governance
  • Service delivery to citizens 
  • Communication skills
  • Lobbying
  • Effective relations with the media
  • Training of trainers

The training sessions are designed for officials from the municipal and district administrations, from ministries and other central institutions, non-governmental organizations and research institutes. Most of the training courses and materials have been developed in close cooperation with American experts.


In its training activities the Club partners the USAID Local Government Initiative Program, Halcrow Group Ltd., Booz|Allen|Hamilton Inc., RTI, the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, UNDP, AED, UNHCR, etc.

The trainers from Club “Economika 2000” have specialized in adults learning in the USA, Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. Their international experience covers Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine.

Training Method
The experiential learning method forms the core of all modules. It aims at acquiring practical skills through applying contemporary techniques and building upon the experience of the trainees. The methodology of the seminars is interactive and includes teamwork, role plays, case studies, simulations, demonstrations, brainstorming techniques, business games, etc.

Strategic Planning
Understanding the strategic planning stages; constructing a proactive approach towards identification and management of those stages; developing skills for elaboration of strategic plans for regional and local development and monitoring of their implementation.

Project Preparation and Management
The special training programs on preparation and management of projects under the Structural and Cohesion funds of the EU and other financial sources provide specific knowledge on how to elaborate bankable projects. Participants learn various particular techniques and methods for project preparation and management.

Human Resource Management
Elaborating programs for the motivation of administrative staff; presenting and understanding planning and staff recruitment techniques; elaborating systems for staff  evaluation; constructing effective interaction with stakeholders; elaborating individual plans for professional development.

Organizational and Managerial Skills
Creating and implementing procedures for setting priorities; communication within organizations; establishing effective leadership styles; creating skills for the delegation of authorities; introduction of the rules for carrying out effective meetings; team work; action plan preparation.

Municipal Budget Management
Elaborating and introducing output-oriented budget systems; defining key budget ratios; elaborating indicators for performing financial plans and programs; designing internal control systems.

Public Procurement and Contracting
Introducing appropriate technologies for public procurement and contracting management in the field; creating negotiation skills and attracting business partners; selecting appropriate methods for assignment of public procurement (bid, direct contracting, tender); defining criteria for evaluation of offers.

State (Municipal) Property Management
Creating skills for state (municipal) property management through selection of optimal management ways; using the existing legal framework for making rational property-related management decisions; elaborating models for transferring property rights to private entrepreneurs.

Citizens’ Participation and Partnership in Local Self-governance
Understanding contemporary concepts for citizens’ participation in local self-governance; presenting various types of communication and citizens’ participation; elaborating plans for improving the cooperation between civil structures and respective municipalities by participants.

Service Delivery to Citizens
Presenting and learning principles and characteristics of citizen-oriented municipal services; introducing and learning models, methods and techniques for providing citizens with “friendly” municipal services.

Communication Skills
Acquiring observation, listening, asking-and-answering questions skills; body language; how to make a presentation and to speak in front of audience; how to organize and hold a successful working meeting; problem solution techniques: brainstorming and consensus.

Introducing and learning basic mechanisms, approaches and techniques for lobbying; stakeholders analysis and force-field analysis; negotiating; organizing and financing of lobbying campaigns.

Effective Relations with the Media
Understanding the role of the media in a democratic society; learning skills for elaboration and implementation of strategies for relations with news media; learning skills for conducting effective media interviews; introducing instruments for effective communication with the media in crisis situations; playing press conferences.

Training of Trainers
Transferring training knowledge and skills related to elaboration and presentation of training modules; developing training curriculum; presentation techniques and facilitation skills; using body language; coping with difficult participants and situations.